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2 Major Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Auto Parts

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Why You Should Buy Used Auto Parts

            There are 2 major reasons why you should buy used auto parts whenever possible.

1)       It is environmentally responsible


To fully understand how buying used auto parts is environmentally responsible and cost effective let’s look at the process a vehicle goes through while at an auto recycler:

1)      A vehicle arrives at the yard after it is purchased from an individual or insurance auction

2)      The engine is run to ensure it is good.  Other components are tested and then entered into a computerized inventory system

3)      All fluids, mercury switches, freon, batteries, gas tanks and tires are removed and placed in barrels and other containers.  They will be reused or sold to a licensed handler

4)      The vehicle is then placed in the yard ready to be dismantled for parts.

5)      After a majority of the parts have been sold (or a certain amount of time has elapsed) the remainder of the good parts are removed and placed on a shelf for future sales.

6)      Non ferrous metals are then removed (i.e aluminum brackets, copper wires)

7)      The remainder of the vehicle (mostly the steel body) is then crushed and sold to scrap metal recyclers (such as SIMS Metal Management) for its weight or tonnage

How is buying used auto parts environmentally responsible?

  • Raw materials and oil are needed to manufacture finished goods such as auto parts.  Studies have shown that purchasing used auto parts saves 85 million barrels of oil annually, that would have been used to make new or replacement parts.
  • Choosing used auto parts also prevents reusable materials from going to Landfills
  • Auto Recyclers provide enough steel to produce almost 13 million new vehicles.  That means fewer raw materials will need to be excavated from the earth.
  • Auto Recyclers process about 10 million vehicles per year recovering:
    • 11 million tons of steel
    • 800,000 tons of non ferrous metals (Alum, Copper, Zinc & lead)
    • From 2006 – 2010 2,965,043 mercury switches have been collected by Auto Recyclers.  Mercury affects the brain and nervous system.   Small children and pregnant women are very vulnerable to mercury in the environment.  Removing and recycling mercury switches from vehicles before they are crushed and processed prevents the mercury from being released into the environment and contaminating water supplies.
    • Automotive Recycling is the most efficient kind of recycling around
      • 75% of a car is recycled (steel, alum, plastic, others

Compared to:

  • 61% of aluminum Cans
  • 30% of paper
  • 20% of glass

How will buying used auto parts save me money?

  • Auto Recyclers sell quality parts for 50-90% less than comparable new parts stores and auto dealers
    • If your car needs a transmission.  Your mechanic has two choices buy a used one for $450 or buy a new one for $1,200.  In this example buying a used transmission from an Auto Recycler will clearly save you $750. All reputable Auto Recyclers offer 90 day warranty.  Some even offer extended warranties 1 year to life time warranties!
    • Another example would be if you needed a new car door.  If you went to the dealer you would have to buy every piece separately.  For example the door moldings, glass, window regulator, etc.  Buying a door piece by piece gets expensive because then after paying for the all the nuts and bolts you will still have to pay someone to put the door together, paint it and install it.  If you purchase a used door from an Auto Recycler you don’t need to buy any additional pieces because it is fully intact.  Outside of the complete door the only other costs you will face are installation and painting.
    • Auto Recyclers help keep insurance rates down.
      • After an insurance company totals out a vehicle it goes to a salvage auction.  Auto recyclers go these auctions and bid on each vehicle which helps the insurance company recover some of the payout to their customers.
      • When an insurance company decides to repair a vehicle that was in an accident they purchase used auto parts so that the repair shops can get the vehicle back to the original condition.  This, too, helps insurance companies keep their premiums down.




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