About C&J Auto Parts

About C&J Auto Parts

In 1946, after serving our country, Erwin bought a salvage yard on Chicago's north side with his father, Nathan. Their business was founded on the premise of buying vehicles exclusively for the purpose of recovering scrap metal. It was a small operation with only one employee. After a few years of unsuccessfully trying to buy the land on which the business operated, Erwin and Nathan decided to move.

In 1951, Nathan and Erwin bought C&J Auto Parts – an auto parts store and service garage on the south side of Chicago. Over the years they expanded their property by purchasing the five-acre trucking depot next door. As before, they purchased junk vehicles for scrap metal and used the newly acquired land as their junkyard.

In 1976, Erwin's son, Arnold, graduated from college and joined the family business full-time. It was then that they realized the untapped potential of the junkyard. Arnold began buying late model salvage vehicles to resell the usable recycled parts to repair and body shops. These facilities needed reliable parts in order to repair their customers' vehicles at an affordable price.

In the mid nineteen eighties, computers were introduced to the day-to-day operations of C&J Auto Parts. Used mainly for inventory and sales purposes, this innovation offered greater control and increased customer confidence. Customers knew that when C&J said they had the part, they had it. The use of computers also made it possible to connect with a network of other auto recyclers. This allowed C&J to access stock from auto recyclers nationwide to further satisfy their customers' needs. It was during this period that C&J Auto Parts evolved from a "Junk Yard" to an "Auto Recycler."

Throughout its history, the staff at C&J Auto Parts has been dedicated to their customers and the neighborhood. The C&J Auto Parts team brings hard work and commitment to serve all sectors of the auto repair industry. From back alley mechanics to insurance adjusters those who repair and return cars back to the road find the new and used auto and light truck parts they need at C&J Auto Parts, Inc.